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We deeply believe that small, ongoing contributions to our programs help us provide the holistic care and support our programs' recipients need in order to thrive in their communities. Become a recurring donor today.


Your Financial Gift Matters:

$20 Dollars helps us to make a difference. 

$50 Dollars helps us to organize our efforts. 

$100 Dollars helps us to hire more staff. 

$250 Dollars helps us to purchase resources. 

$300 Dollars helps us to plan educational trips. 

$500 Dollars helps us to fund women's small businesses. 

$750 Dollars helps us mentor young black men for life. 

$1000 Dollars helps us to award youth scholarships.


If you're writing checks, please make them payable to Charles Johnson Ministries and mail them to us. 

You can donate via CashApp at $CeJayCares

You can create a private fundraiser for us by calling our office to schedule it. 

You can donate stock to our organization by calling or emailing us. 

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