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When women are empowered, the cycle of poverty is broken. With your help, CJ Ministries partners with women to start their businesses and care for their families. Empowering women and girls to advocate for themselves and one another creates opportunities that last for generations.

By the numbers… 

  • Women do three times as much unpaid care and domestic work as men. 


Impacting women…

  • Twenty-five women and girls were empowered this year.

  • Forty-eight women and girls have trained since 2015. 

  • Five communities impacted by our empowerment programs. 

  • $200 provides seed capital for one woman to start a business.


WOMB (Women of Massive Belief) Program - The demands of life weigh on her from the moment she wakes up. There is always a need. She has untold potential, and you can help her unlock it. This program serves up to five women per year.

  • Economic Empowerment when a woman generates an income, it benefits her - the entire community profits. Through the training techniques below, CJ Ministries equips women to start and successfully operate their businesses. 

    • Financial Education 

    • Vocational Training 

    • Cooperative Savings Groups 

    • Providing Start-Up Assistance 

  • Family Health Empowerment - we trains and educate women, including expectant mothers, in early childhood development, nutrition, health, hygiene, literacy, cooking, and even small-scale agriculture. 

    • Providing Food

    • Providing Vitamins 

    • Providing Support 


Domestic Violence Program is designed to help women get out and start a new life. The program offers a safe environment for women and their children and assistance to help them become independent. We work hard to help women with financial aid, education, and job placement.   

  • WOMB Safe House 

  • Living Assistance 


Women of Worth Empowerment Luncheon is a luncheon where twelve women within the community are recognized for their achievement as women and placed on a twelve-month digital calendar to encourage other women and girls.




In society, there is a dramatic juxtaposition between the high unemployment of Black youth and the plethora of career opportunities within the local technology sector. To address this concern, we've established an initiative to connect black youth with the skills, mentors, and experiences they need to become high-performing entrepreneurs and technologists in the 21st-century global economy at CJ Ministries. 

  • The FuelMan (Youth Males) & GIRL (Growing Into Respectable Ladies) Programs trains and mentor African American male and female youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to transform their lives and communities.  Both programs are 11-month educational programs to schools and communities to raise the next generation of leaders. Girls in this program

    • Life Skills & Health - Those in these programs develop life skills and learn about culturally relevant issues like the ones listed below.    

      • General Health 

      • Nutrition 

      • Emotional Health 

      • Positive Decision Making 

      • Self-Esteem

      • Gender-base Violence

      • Harmful beliefs and practices 

      • Health and hygiene  

    • Entrepreneurship provides computer science, software development, and entrepreneurship training to 5th-grade students. 

      • Building A Business Training 

        • Planning 

        • Management 

        • Budgeting 

        • Sales

        • Marketing 

        • Technology 

    • Mentorship4Life is designed to help black single mothers with their sons for life. Young black males will be mentored on a weekly basis, helped with resources, and given holistic guidance to live productive lives. 

      • Providing Life Coaching 

      • Providing Assistance 

      • Promoting Constant Involvement  

      • Tracking Life Progress 

    • Eligibility: Black Females-Males / 5th Grade

    • Program Size: 8-10 Students Per Year



After the killings of Black Men and Women in America sprung out countless Black Lives Matter protest throughout the country. That brought up serious conversations regarding race relations in Northwest Louisiana. Because of that, we organized faith leaders, their congregations, and other community organizations together to help mobilize reconciliation within our community through building wholesome relationships, dialogue, and community service. 

  • CommUNITY365 Program is designed to bring people together beyond race, age, gender, and beliefs to work together to serve the community.

    • Annual Community Service Project 

    • Partner with Race Relations Initiatives 

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